Nilfisk Car wash

Modular principle and space-saving diagonal system

Perfect cleaning

The stainless steel car wash from  Nilfisk
Nilfisk’s stainless steel carwash is characterised by its unique “diagonal system”, which allows it to be realised from a hall length of 15 metres up to a high performance carwash over 50 metres hall length with a maximum vehicle throughput. Extension or conversion through modular design and space-saving diagonal system.

Innovation at Nilfisk

Why  Nilfisk?

For more than 100 years Nilfisk has been working to bring innovative cleaning solutions to the market. Just think of the first vacuum cleaner that was launched in 1910, the “C1”, which was the first electric vacuum cleaner in Europe. Since then, other innovations have been introduced, such as the “Silent Dane” from 1932, which introduced a much lower noise level when vacuuming. In 1955 Nilfisk introduced the first automatic floor cleaner.

The right machine for every requirement

Other Products
T700 Lux

Car wash facilities

Selected washing systems for perfect and economical cleaning of cars, trucks and trains. Rogrotech offers a wide range of cleaning products for vehicles - interior and exterior. Our gantry and self-service car washes convince with a long service life and perfect cleaning results. At the same time they are economical in water consumption and protect the environment.

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Commercial vehicle washing systems

Rogrotech offers the latest technology in cleaning large vehicles and meets the extensive requirements through a wide variety of applications. See for yourself. We look forward to your contact.

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Die Nilfisk SB-Waschanlage ist eine der modernsten und zukunftssichersten Konzepte für professionelle und nachhaltig profitable Reinigung von Fahrzeugen.

Self-service car washes

Rogrotech's self-service systems are characterized by consistently updating the most advanced technology: a guarantee for professional and profitable vehicle cleaning. Thanks to their modular design they offer the right solution for every requirement.

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Die T700 Takt mit zwei Anlagen hintereinander

Car wash facilities

Maximum washing power with a unique dialogue system and optimised washing cycles are the distinguishing features of Rogrotech's stainless steel washing tunnel. Individually plannable and for almost any location.

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Nilfisk Reinigungsgeräte

Cleaning machines

Find the optimal product for your cleaning tasks in Rogrotech's comprehensive range.

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HEVAPLA Reinigungsmittel


Effective cleaning reduces time and overall costs. Rogrotech offers a range of vehicle, industrial and building cleaning services in cooperation with our partner Hevapla AG.

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Payment systems

The payment machine has a user-friendly touch screen interface for program selection and payment. A variety of functions and different payment options are available.

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Water treatment

Almost all your waste water can be reused - for the sake of the environment. Save water with Rogrotech's innovative solutions.

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